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What is the Fair Market Value of Your Business?
Valuation Services are Included at No Charge if You're a Selling Client
and Available at an Affordable Cost if You're Not.

The starting point for selling your business is the preparation of a written, professional Opinion of Fair Market Value. This valuation serves as the basis for pricing your business. When you choose The PRS Group as your business broker, this valuation is included in the services we provide on a contingent fee basis. There is no up-front cost.

However, there are times when you may want to know the value of your business but aren't ready to sell. Or, you plan on selling the business on your own and need a solid basis for pricing. You may also want an independent verification of the value of a business you're contemplating buying.

In such cases, the experienced professionals at The PRS Group can prepare an Opinion of Fair Market Value on a fixed fee basis. Our valuations have been used as the basis for pricing and selling hundreds of client companies so you can depend on them... and they're affordably priced.

What's more, if within six months of  receiving your paid valuation, you become a PRS seller client, we'll deduct the cost of the valuation from our contingent fee at the closing of the sale of your business.

To learn more about The PRS Group's Business Valuation Services, call 561.237.8126 or email us at info@prsgrouponline.com.
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